Carlo Gavazzi’s family of SIU-MBM Gateway products offer a simple solution for the integration of MBus products, with devices that support Modbus over TCP/IP.

The SIU-MBM modules function as a gateway to convert data from either wired Mbus or wireless Mbus to Modbus TCP/IP. The wireless SIU-MBC module enables remote data collection and retrieval of meter consumption for devices with pulsed output and is completely tamper proof.

Two gateway versions are available: SIU-MBM-01 and SIUMBM- 02. Both can integrate up to 20 wired M-Bus devices, while SIU-MBM-02 can also manage up to 32 wireless M-Bus devices simultaneously. The SIU-MBC radio transmitter allows the SIU-MBM-02 to read the consumption of devices with pulse outputs such as gas or water meters.

The UCS software is free to download and ensures rapid configuration by scanning and identifying the M-Bus devices connected to SIU-MBM and the wireless M-Bus devices operating within the range and automatically generates the Modbus map. All subsequent software updates are free to download.

Designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications the SIU-MBM and MBC is especially suited to retrofit applications in which data is to be collected from existing devices equipped for M-Bus or wireless M-Bus communication, or new installations in which M-Bus or wireless M-Bus devices are used, taking advantage of the ease of installation and integration.