CentraLine has introduced ARENA NX version 4.8, its next generation building management supervisor. Thanks to its use of the latest Niagara eXtended framework, the platform simplifies cross-system integration (such as HVAC, lighting, shading, security and more) with all standard communication protocols and open to third party protocols, efficiently managing operations across building and facility infrastructures.

The new version further reduces facility management costs with enhanced operating transparency across applications, high application flexibility and optional intuitive energy management.

Operating a facility becomes easier as ARENA NX supports all building systems across multiple disciplines – including third-party systems – into a single-view dashboard. Dashboards can be created and configured with Key Performance Indicators, giving them access to essential data relevant to their role, whether that is on PC, laptop or smartphone.

CentraLine ENERGY MANAGER, the optional energy benchmarking and analysis tool, can also run on ARENA NX. ENERGY MANAGER automatically collects and analyzes all forms of energy consumption in a facility, and provides data in visually appealing graphics and diagrams, making it easier for building managers to:

Easily recognize energy-saving opportunities

Identify measures to avoid waste of energy and optimize usage

Employ benchmarks to better compare energy performance of buildings and estates.

During operations, ARENA NX allows application changes on-the-fly, thereby eliminating downtime periods. The Single-tool-engineering concept stretches from room and plant control to the supervisor and cloud services. New functions enable users to quickly align to any application need.