BLT Direct offers a collection of USB sockets to enable devices to be charged alongside traditional three pin appliances, upgrading electrical infrastructure in a range of domestic, office and industrial environments.

Covering a range of one and two gang variations the versatile charging sockets are available in traditional wall mounted styles as well as counter top and pop up designs, allowing a range of environments to enjoy the benefits of upgrading their charging solutions to keep up with contemporary technological developments. Appealing to those with a real penchant for electrical gadgets, a dual charger with a built in Bluetooth speaker is also included in the range from BLT Direct, to charge up any music device as it connects to the speakers simultaneously.
Steven Ellwood, managing director of BLT Direct said, “These days, most modern mobile phones, music player devices, tablets and more will come with a charging plug that uses a USB socket, yet without an adapter it is only possible for these tools to recharge again when connected directly to a computer, which isn’t always possible. That being said there are still also many electronics that use a conventional three pin socket, so phasing these solutions out entirely would not be practical.”