Cisco has launched the Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch. It is the first switch built specifically for the needs of digital buildings by powering and connecting building systems onto a single, low-voltage IP network. This milestone is at the heart of the smart building vision Cisco says it is defining.

The new digital building switch ties into Cisco’s ambitions to change how enterprise networks are built and managed. Cisco is using a new digital network architecture – Cisco DNA – to build more automated, responsive, self-driving networks. A new network that can dynamically respond to the ever-changing needs of the digital business.

What’s new?

  • Supports convergence: For the first time, disparate systems like lighting, HVAC, and badging can be managed on the same switch. This is due to the switch’s support of a key IoT protocol called the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) —an industry first.
  • Delivers twice the power: The switch supports bigger, brighter lighting fixtures – and can get the power back on within 5 seconds of a power outage. The 60W per-port Cisco UPOE technology delivers twice the power of current PoE+.
  • Simplifies installation: We designed the switch with ease of installation in mind. Technicians use Bluetooth and a mobile app to install and deploy it.
  • Runs noise-free: Its fanless design makes it ideal for anywhere that requires quiet – like hospitals, retail shops, hotels, and the workplace.

Sachin Gupta, VP Enterprise Switching at Cisco: “As far as convergence of IoT networks in a building, this product leap-frogs a generation of innovation. It brings new IoT protocol integration, automation and enterprise security by extending the Digital Network Architecture to digital buildings.”