The SIPinsight Energy & Building Information Software (EBIS) from Synapsys Solutions is a new cloud based platform designed to enable energy managers and facilities managers to deliver energy efficiencies and optimised building performance over a long period of time.

With businesses under increasing pressure to reduce their energy consumption and provide environments which maximise efficiency, it is critical to use Building Management Systems (BMS) and meter monitoring systems to their full potential.

SIPinsight EBIS collects the data provided by these types of systems, collates it and presents it in a format that enables the user to easily interpret it. Furthermore, SIPinsight EBIS enables the user to display, manipulate and analyse the BMS and energy data in the same graphs, widgets and reports making it easy to pinpoint and prioritise areas that require improvement.

Matt Gardner, business development manager for Synapsys Solutions, said: “The UK government’s commitment to meet a net zero carbon target by 2050 means building managers will require even more control and flexibility than what an Energy Management System (EMS) can provide. SIP Insight EBIS from Synapsys Solutions goes beyond what you would expect from a traditional EMS. By identifying how, when and where buildings use energy, EBIS allows the user to develop an effective control strategy and make changes and adjustments that can be tested and implemented to maximise savings, operational performance and ROI.”