Envoy has announced Envoy Connect. Connect is a real-time communication layer for property managers to enable data sharing between their buildings and their tenants. Starting with visitor management, Envoy Connect allows live syncing of visitor information from the tenants upstairs to the security lobby downstairs. It connects everyone who sets foot in a building for a thoughtful, consistent, hassle-free experience.

The commercial real estate industry is looking to recover from record-low office occupancy triggered by Covid and the pending recession. To reinvigorate the market and attract new tenants, property managers are leaning into technology to deliver better hospitality for a world-class experience. They’re looking to stand out from competitors and help tenants increase their own occupancy.

Envoy Connect modernizes the way tenants communicate with their buildings. It starts with a unified visitor system that extends across portfolios. With a real-time, synchronized network, property managers are able to: 

  • Provide superior communication between tenants and the front lobby. For the first time ever, the lobby and tenant offices can sync information in real-time. When a tenant invites a guest or makes a last-minute scheduling change, the updates appear accurately in the lobby’s master log. Everyone knows who’s expected and when.
  • Gain portfolio-wide insights into visitor foot traffic to make informed decisions. Visitor and vendor data is accessible across all tenants and properties. Use one dashboard to predict occupancy, space use, and risk of tenant churn.
  • Enhance security by knowing who’s on property at all times. Envoy Connect is the only system that gives temporary credentials to approved visitors and handles the transition between the different security systems. Integrate with major access control players. Plus, for compliance or audit purposes, export any data from the dashboard.
  • Automate the downstairs busy work. Envoy Connect supports a lobby kiosk that speeds up visitor registration and ensures only expected visitors and vendors are allowed upstairs.

"To stay competitive, property managers need to step up hospitality. No more jumping through hoops to get something as simple as a guest into the office. Improving the tenant and visitor experience is the lowest-risk, highest reward way to maintain an edge,” said Larry Gadea, founder and CEO at Envoy. “The future of the office building starts by connecting everyone and everything. From the front desk all the way up to the tenants themselves – and connecting the tenants to each other and their employees. It’s important to build a community that can expand beyond one company or one floor.”