Schneider Electric has announced the launch of EVlink Pro AC for commercial buildings. As building owners continue to navigate changing regulations and retrofit existing stock, the connected EV charging station is designed to make installation simpler while offering superior flexibility and reliability for commercial building users.

The flexible, easy to use and safe product looks set to empower commercial property owners, users and installers with the right technologies and solutions to help fight against climate change. It also answers a need to make installing charging facilities less complex and expensive for building owners. Key features include:

  • The EVlink Pro AC’s advanced interoperability which connects to EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert, Schneider Electric’s load-management system, helps to ensure reliable power availability while minimising costs for electrical network upgrades. This also contributes to minimising electricity bills for users, the value of which has never been more important.
  • Simple installation through the eSetup app for easy commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Embedded protections inside the unit also simplify installation while ensuring maximum safety for the installer and EV driver.
  • Compliant to the latest EV-ready standard, embedded RCD Type B-EV also reduces nuisance tripping and an under voltage tripping auxiliary cuts power in case of contactor damage.

The EVlink Pro AC provides an intelligent solution to a common problem experienced by users in commercial buildings as it is packaged in an intuitive and user-friendly way:

  • Through an RFID/NFC reader, multiple users in the same complex can share the chargers, while a dedicated mobile app enables users to access and remotely monitor charging status.
  • The EVlink Pro AC also helps to drive down energy costs for building owners and tenants through high-precision metering, ensuring accurate and fair cost allocation by users.

Kas Mohammed, VP Digital Energy at Schneider Electric, said, “Schneider Electric provides the technology to achieve government mandates which make delivering the UK Net Zero strategy a reality. The EVlink Pro AC is brought to the market in line with the UK government regulations which came into force in 2022, mandating that all new commercial buildings, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points.

He continues, "With the growing demand for more sustainable methods of transport and the supporting infrastructure, EV charging for commercial buildings is a crucial enabler of the transition to smart, sustainable workplaces. With this announcement, Schneider Electric is demonstrating its commitment to all stakeholders in the smart buildings journey by creating reliable, flexible solutions that make our offices, hospitals, universities, and other commercial buildings work smarter.”