The advent of connected lighting will deliver massive operational and installation cost savings and up to 75% energy savings in commercial and public installations switching to LED, according to the new CEO of a British company leading the way in Power over Ethernet control.

John Niebel of amBX says that the advent of Connected Lighting means that Power over Ethernet lighting systems will become commonplace in the next few years, much in much the same way as VoIP has in telephony. Network-connected lighting control using amBX software will mean that lighting systems will become much quicker and easier to install and faster and richer in configuration.

“Connected Lighting will produce lower installation costs and a lower Total Cost of Ownership,” explains Niebel. “Philips and Cisco both evidence a 50% reduction in installation costs for Internet-based connected lighting systems compared with conventional AC powered systems.”

“Controlling lighting using Power over Ethernet lights with amBX software will enable building owners to use richer, bio-adaptive lighting in new ways to create healthier, more productive workspaces and environments,” Niebel continues. “This will lead to better human-centric lighting at desks, in meeting rooms and public spaces, in terms of intensity and colour changes.”