Launched at Smart Buildings Show at Olympia London, the Datore Analytics Service Provider (ASP) is a service that incorporates all the software, hardware, development and people skills required to turn organisational data into real business benefits. By utilising AWS cloud-based hosting infrastructure, the simplicity of Sisense data analytics and visualisation platform and a dedicated team of business analysts, database administrators, BI consultants and support specialists Datore can provide an affordable, secure and customisable solution.

“For some time, it has been a dream of ours at Datore to make all the advantages of data analytics available to all businesses whether large or small. The challenge has always been how to do this simply and quickly whilst still ensuring it meets an individual client needs,” explained Graham Perry, commercial director at Datore.

Sophia Lee, operations director at Datore, added, “Let us help you simplify your data journey and build you a ‘Data Map’ to guide you through all the jargon, concerns, pitfalls and inflated costs on the road to a ‘smarter future’ for your organisation. We can explain the difference between dashboards and data analytics and the real world benefits that visual interaction and interrogation can bring.”

“Most importantly of all, we do not provide you with reports out of a box, we develop analytics to your needs, based upon the actual data that exists within your organisation, to answer the questions that you should, need or want to be asking. By specialising in operational and financial improvement analytics within infrastructure and the Built Environment we can update processes, save costs and reduce risk. We combine the latest in analytics skills and technologies with an in-depth industry knowledge developed over the last 20 years, to provide the fastest possible return on investment,” she concluded.