Density has introduced two radar sensors today that increase coverage by 34% and cut hardware and installation expenses in half. The Open Area Long Range (LR) and Open Area Short Range (SR) sensors, designed for high ceilings and small spaces respectively, reduce total cost of ownership by 27% on average and up to 51%.

Open Area LR measures over 1,000 square feet from a 20-foot ceiling with a single sensor, cutting installation and hardware costs up to 51%. It's available now.

Open Area SR provides accurate occupancy detection in small spaces like phone booths and focus areas. It's available later this year.

The company has also unveiled Coverage Pricing, a pricing model based on square footage measured rather than a per-sensor fee, offering a consistent rate for analytics regardless of sensor count. Density's new pricing model aligns workplace analytics with other square-footage-based investments, simplifying ROI calculation for customers.