With a growing demand for user-specific desk power and data access, Legrand, has launched its new and improved Electrak Intersoc on-desk range featuring a busbar backbone, specifically designed with reliability in mind.

Intersoc on-desk modules can be tailored to the demands of any workstation or employee, allowing unique combinations of power sockets, USB charging modules, plug and play data solutions, Euro modules, and Legrand’s modular wiring accessories, including a range of AV solutions.
Offering convenient, high speed USB charging combined with BS socket outlets and data connections at the workstation, professionals can quickly and simultaneously charge multiple devices from their desk via high performance twin USB outlets.
Building on the power distribution heritage of the Electrak brand, the latest Intersoc on-desk range is powered by a busbar backbone which provides a reliable and efficient electrical connection. Compatible with a wide range of data solutions, including plug and play CAT 5e and CAT 6 data options, the Intersoc on-desk range features a data connector at both the front and rear of the unit, allowing the installer to select the appropriate type and length of cable and connect it straight into the module. The range is also compatible with high performance CAT 6A keystone jack modules. The cable exit at the rear of the unit avoids the need to bend data cables, removing the risk of loss of data integrity that could otherwise be caused by kinks in CAT 6A cables.