The Distech Digital Partner Program, which was originally comprised of digital service providers across building technologies, property management, and occupant services in France and North America, is now available to the whole of Europe.

The Distech Controls Digital Partner Program bridges the gap between the digital services requested by building owners and occupants and the experience and know-how of the company’s ecosystem of Digital Partners. Partners include smart consultants, system integrators, as well as specialists in property management services, building technologies, occupant services and services for property managers who are Symbioz certified to ensure optimal and repeatable deployment of all projects.

These partnerships allow Distech Controls customers to benefit from an extended network of world-class IT/IoT/AI companies sharing their expertise and best practices in the areas of building technologies, property management, and occupant services to deliver high-quality, innovative smart-building projects.

System integrators, smart consultants, and digital partners are selected for their expertise and collaborative mindset to assist Distech Controls’ network of system integrators with their smart-building projects. Echoing Distech Controls, all members of the Digital Partner Program adhere to open protocols, and industry IT standards, and are certified by Distech Controls to be trained to provide best-in-class solutions and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that meet customer requirements and budgets.