Distech Controls says it is continuously pushing the boundaries of technology to create not only smart buildings but also occupant-focussed buildings. As a result, its new lighting management solution has been developed for maximised occupant wellbeing as well as energy efficiency.

To provide optimal conditions, lighting should be delivered at the right place and at the right time. The dynamic new lighting management solution enables users to freely adjust colour temperatures to suit their needs.

The new Distech Controls lighting management solution includes the new ECx-Light-4DALI module and offers a variety of benefits.

Enables circadian lighting

The natural circadian rhythm of a person can be supported by using warmer light with lower intensity in the morning and evenings, and cooler light during a typical working day. With the Distech Controls solution, the lighting can also be tuned during the day to support more temporary needs. For instance, warmer white light with slightly lower intensity can help users calm down when facing high stress or cooler white light with a higher intensity can be introduced to help occupants feel energised.

Lighting controls for a distinctive environment

As well as fine tuning white light, the new Distech Controls lighting solution can introduce colour management to a building adding to the design and ambience of the environment. Users can make a bold statement with a bright and vibrant colour or dial down to tone to subtle pastels. New levels of design can be achieved with a full palette of coloured light to affect atmosphere and the enhancement of the space.

The ECx-Light-4DALI is compatible with the Distech Controls ECLYPSE Smart Room Control as well as the new Allure UNITOUCH. The whole system is easy to install and commission with no DALI addressing, thanks to support of DT8 DALI Standard.