Distech Controls has launched the new ECY-MBUS solution, a sub-metering solution for fast and reliable data collection in a connected building. This innovation allows commercial building owners to directly integrate M-Bus meters into Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers for optimising energy monitoring and managing building services equipment. It also provides accurate cost allocation and enhanced profitability for operators and tenants.

“A reliable sub-metering strategy is vitally important for tenants and building owners,” comments Charles Pelletier, product management director at Distech Controls. “By installing sub-meters across an entire property or single real estate holding, occupiers can accurately measure the total cost and consumption of energy. Its benefits are two-fold, enhancing a building’s profitability for owners as well as reducing costs for tenants.”
Distech says that the ECY-MBUS solution makes sub-metering easy to install for system integrators; additionally, it is simple to use and access for building operators and tenants. Once configured, the ECLYPSE controllers will collect information from the M-Bus device and relay it to the building analytics programme. After data analysation, important insights are provided to ensure relevant, data-driven decisions.
The new ECY-MBUS communication module extends the capabilities of the ECLYPSE ECY-S1000 Connected Equipment Controller and allows it to interface with up to 60 M-Bus meters. The controller has one M-Bus port for meter integration, thus eliminating the need for a third-party gateway. The ECY-MBUS module can also connect to the equipment and terminal unit controllers via a USB port, which provides connection and power for up to three M-Bus meters. Equipment and terminal unit controllers include the ECY-PTU/TU, ECY-VAV and ECY-303 series.