Distech Controls has released a new whitepaper about open systems. It provides valuable information on the issues and technological developments surrounding truly open Building Management Systems (BMS).

The whitepaper looks at the development of open systems leading us from proprietary systems to smart buildings that leverage open control systems, digital services and cloud connectivity. As well as demonstrating why adopting open systems makes good business sense.

“The building services sector is developing all the time,” comments Joël Désiré, product and solution launch manager at Distech Controls. “As an industry, we've moved from local management of efficient, comfortable spaces to centralized management of a portfolio of intelligent, eco-responsible buildings offering a variety of services. These services have been selected from industry-leading digital services companies to offer enhanced comfort for each tenant. To work, these services must be part of an open system and this whitepaper aims to educate readers on how open systems can deliver this new level of control.”

By utilising an open system, integrators, facilities managers and building owners can all benefit from an easy to install, simple and intuitive system that can deliver meaningful data, improved energy efficiency and occupant comfort. It will also enable users to add additional services in the future, while making buildings easier to rent and sell and even allow people to switch partners in the future if circumstances change.

The whitepaper covers the history of open protocols, what makes a BMS open, how the world is changing and what the future holds for open systems. It also takes a deeper dive into important topics such as cybersecurity and how this needs to be an important consideration with open systems.

Joël concludes, “Distech Controls is leading the way in creating control solutions for open systems. Its mission is to connect people with advanced, open, and scalable building solutions while promoting better health, better spaces, and better efficiencies. Distech Controls’ team of experts and Authorized Integrators are here to assist you in your journey to create a truly open system.

To download the whitepaper, click here. Distech Controls will be exhibiting at Smart Buildings Show - stand A40.