Distech Controls has expanded its European headquarters in Lyon, France, with an inauguration ceremony held on 20th March 2024. This facility not only accommodates the company's growing presence in the region but also showcases its commitment to sustainability and employee well-being.

“We are delighted to be opening our expanded facility,” comments Martin Villeneuve, president of Distech Controls. “After a lot of hard work and dedication, we have an office building that celebrates the very best of innovation and human-centric design. We wanted our building to be a representation of Distech Controls, we are showcasing to our customers what is possible with our products.”

This expansion has increased the surface area by 25% and has given Distech Controls the opportunity to reorganise production and storage to better meet the needs and expectations of customers. Martin continues, “we moved into our building only five years ago and due to continuous growth, we are already expanding. It further cements our place as a leading provider of solutions for smart connected buildings and strengthens our position within Europe. The building supports our current and future growth and was the ideal opportunity to introduce innovative new technology.”

Distech Controls appointed an integrator partner to install the new BMS and worked closely with them to understand the process of the install, see the potential barriers and live the experience as customers do on a daily basis. Distech Controls is a manufacturer, but also a building owner and can appreciate the challenges its customers face.

Distech Controls has embraced the opportunity to rethink the use of space in their building and provide employees with a flexible office environment. The company has extended its building to include various purpose-built spaces, such as enclosed areas for focused work or collaborative spaces for creativity, all designed with hybrid collaboration in mind.

To further enhance the employee experience, Distech Controls has partnered with Jooxter, a member of its Digital Partner Programme, to develop an app that enables staff to easily book a desk, meeting room, or car charging station, with allocation based on the building's available energy.

The Resense Move sensor solution will monitor the office space and recognise which desks are occupied via its people counting capabilities. It means energy is not wasted in unoccupied spaces but equally ensures the air quality remains high in occupied areas.

Martin Villeneuve concludes, “we have designed a connected smart building that promotes the wellbeing of employees while ensuring optimised space management and energy efficiency. We are thrilled to see our new building open and are looking forward to inviting customers to see this new, bigger, innovative space.”