Distech Controls has launched ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem, a new technology solution for improving occupant comfort in the hospitality industry. By utilising Bluetooth communication technology, this new platform allows occupants to easily interact with their space via technology they are familiar with, for instance a mobile device or app. The newly released ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem is ideal for hotel environments which tailor to accommodating guests with varied comfort requirements.

“A first impression counts and no more than so than in a hotel. From first stepping into the lobby to walking through the corridors and entering a bedroom, a guest is evaluating the ambience, its look and feel and importantly how comfortable and welcoming the hotel is,” Sarah-Jane Demolliere, marketing solutions manager at Distech Controls. “The BMS can play an important role in improving environmental conditions for hotel guests as well as reducing the operating and maintenance costs for hotel owners and operators.”

Part of improving the wellbeing and comfort of guests is placing control in their hands. Giving them the opportunity to change the temperature, air conditioning or even lighting within a space to suit their own requirements and maintain a comfortable environment.

“Hotel guests are becoming more discerning about their comfort, the service offering and the ability to customise their room or space. The challenge is greater than before, customers now want innovative and connected tools and services. Meanwhile, the hospitality industry must improve services while reducing the costs and energy consumption of its establishment,” added Sarah-Jane.