Lock-and-key technology has been around for a very long time. The latest generation of intelligent key-based access control, however, takes its security and flexibility to a whole new level.

Intelligent keys combine the powerful features of electronic access control with the convenience of a mechanical key. Everyone carries a single, battery-powered key programmed to unlock authorized openings only.

There are no more big key bunches to carry; no manual master-key systems to manage. If someone loses their key, it is simply cancelled. No locks need to be changed.

Fast, easy retrofitting is another major advantage. An installer swaps out an existing cylinder core or padlock for an electronic device, then connects it to management software. There is no damage to door or furniture.

Wireless key-based systems extend electronic access control anywhere — far beyond the reach of wired electronic locks, indoors or outside, in almost any climate. Intelligent keys may be integrated into an existing access control system, where required

Businesses have a choice: battery-powered or self-powered electronic keys

The benefits of key-operated access control are available in both PULSE and CLIQ access control solutions. In both, electronics inside the lock are powered by the key which a user brings to the access point.

An eCLIQ system is built around precision-engineered locking cylinders with high-security microelectronics. A standard battery inside each programmable key powers the cylinder or padlock — and secures all data transfer between lock, key and system.

Robust, durable eCLIQ locks can secure lifts, machines, mailboxes, cabinets and more with the same control as sensitive doors. With typical use, a standard battery powers an eCLIQ key for many years between changes.

PULSE keys enjoy similar usability advantages. In addition, PULSE operates entirely without batteries. The power generated when a user inserts and turns their PULSE key powers the lock’s encrypted security. The lock opens only if they key is authorized.

Because energy harvesting technology generates power for the entire transaction, PULSE locking helps businesses to minimize their energy waste. PULSE keys can also operate as RFID credentials for many types of hardware managed by an Incedo access system, including wall readers at entrance doors.

To learn more about intelligent key solutions from ASSA ABLOY, download free guides to eCLIQ and PULSE