Sylvania is giving premises owners, building specifiers and interior designers greater flexibility over their lighting choices with its new Ludospot integrated LED accent downlights. Ludospot is modular system that allows users to select the LED module required and then choose the right housing style. Ideal for hospitality, retail and commercial applications, Ludospot allows people to get more creative with their downlights.

“Historically, to achieve the right lit effect, it has often been necessary to compromise on the design of the fitting or vice versa,” comments David Neale, marketing manager at Sylvania. “However, Ludospot can change this with its flexible and versatile approach to product selection. By basically mixing and matching the lighting module with the housing, it provides you with greater control over the design of the space.”

With Ludospot, choose the module you need and mount on the desired die casting aluminium housing to get the right ambience for your application. A wide range of housing options allows direct replacement of most recessed halogen spotlights’ installations on the market, whatever the diameter and the circular, square or rectangular shape.

The Ludospot 50 Module and 111 Module have a high colour rendering index CRI90, with SDCM <3 light colour consistency. The 50 modules are available with 15°, 28° or 40° light beam angle option whilst the 111 modules are available 24W or 38W with 38° light beam angle. Users can select Ludospot in either warm 3000K and neutral 4000K colour temperatures.

The housings can accommodate single, double or triple LED modules, depending upon the requirements. For complete design flexibility, Ludospot has a choice of round or square, single, double or triple housings. Sylvania also offer IP44 degree protection on a number of the housings.