EcoSync, in collaboration with Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford, has announced its achievement in the 'Climate Crisis Initiative' category at the Student Accommodation Awards. This marks the second consecutive year of recognition for EcoSync, underlining its commitment to environmental sustainability in student housing.

The award highlights the success of EcoSync's 2021/2022 trial in thirty-two student rooms at Corpus Christi College, which was expanded across all Corpus accommodation sites in 2022/2023. This expansion led to an impressive 31% overall energy savings, with some buildings experiencing up to 53% reductions. The judges praised the “impressive” data and commended EcoSync for “providing a template for others to replicate.” Following this success, other colleges have adopted similar initiatives, with successful installations already in place.

"It's an honour to represent EcoSync and Corpus Christi College in this prestigious arena," said Nick Pledge, the CEO, of EcoSync. "Winning this award validates our collaborative commitment to promoting sustainability within the academic community."

EcoSync extends congratulations to all shortlisted organisations for their inspiring dedication to sustainability. This collective effort is essential for driving positive environmental change.

With this achievement, EcoSync reaffirms its dedication to environmental innovation. Peter Nitsche-Whitefield, sustainability coordinator at Corpus Christi College, commented, "This award inspires us to continue leading the way towards a sustainable future. We're excited to maintain our momentum in advancing sustainable living practices."