There are still copious buildings today that still do not have any form of energy monitoring, frequently as a result of no traditional hard-wiring being in place. Carlo Gavazzi’s video shows how even in the remotest of locations Energy Managers can have complete flexibility to gather data and utilise the information to make effective energy management and savings.

The key to any successful energy management plan is monitoring. Building owners shouldn’t be put off by the fact that there is no hard LAN/WAN wiring available to the location, as there is a simple unobtrusive solution which will provide a flexible means to monitor single or multiple sites. The ability for this solution to be scalable is also a major benefit for companies large and small because it enables their energy management system to evolve with the company.

The VMU-D module provides a connection to a USB dongle, with 3G and 4G internet connection which can be remotely managed to provide a comprehensive energy monitoring system.

It provides a reliable and cost effective way to collect and view data remotely in applications where there is no hard wired internet connection. The compact unit is only 2 DIN wide and provides a plug and play configuration via the VMUC- EM interface.

Compatible with all products within the VMUC EM and VMUC-Y family the VMU-D comes complete with a “Watchdog” feature which can prevent common mobile network disconnection issues and provides full SMS and alarm functionality.

The VMU-C EM energy platform has proved significant. A modular solution, the VMU-C EM allows you to gather data from a number of energy meters, power analysers and VMU Series I/O modules on a single installation and view this information on any PC.