For many organisations, real estate represents the second highest expense after people. The buildings we live and work in are responsible for about 40% of global energy consumption which makes sustainability of critical importance to the commercial and corporate real estate industries.

Yet real estate data often resides in its own silo outside your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This makes it hard to manage real estate finances, take the right ESG actions, and optimise your real estate portfolio.

Combining real estate management solutions and cloud-based ERP systems can provide significant value to stakeholders in finance, real estate, facilities and IT, and support sustainability initiatives by providing new intelligence and insights. These additional insights result in improved decision-making, operational agility, more sustainable operations, cost reductions and an improved experience for building users and tenants.

Planon and SAP are working in partnership to elevate real estate and facility management. The Planon Real Estate Management for SAP S/4HANA solution delivers comprehensive real estate and property management capabilities with integration to SAP S/4HANA. It helps empower organisations to optimise their real estate strategy and operate smart, sustainable buildings. At the same time, it automatically incorporates real estate financial data into enterprise-wide accounts. It ensures compliance to financial reporting standards while providing intelligent insights through IoT, and automating operations.

Combining the strengths of two market leaders offers companies better integrated processes and technology. Customers will benefit from the data flowing from smart technologies seamlessly into ERP processes, which will unleash the potential of the huge amount of real estate related data and transform it into real business value.

These frequently asked questions explain how connecting your SAP cloud ERP software with Planon can support both your finance and real estate teams by improving the performance of your corporate and commercial real estate portfolio, and making it perform better and more sustainably.