By completing the power measurement chain from the sensor to the cloud, PC-based control specialist Beckhoff says it can simplify energy management installations by providing high-density, low-cost solutions that can be used stand-alone or as part of a wider building management and control system.

Beckhoff’s low-cost-per-circuit solution, coupled with a new range of current transformers ranging from 1A to 5,000A, makes the implementation of measurement of each circuit an affordable reality.

Identifying energy hotspots or consumption anomalies is the first step towards an effective energy management plan. Beckhoff’s new EL34xx range of power monitoring and measurement terminals - which form part of a Beckhoff PC-based control system – eliminate the need for external energy monitors and meters and the communications interfacing headache that typically goes with them. When used as part of an integrated control solution, preventative actions can be taken long before any problems escalate. The high-performance EL37xx terminals, coupled with TF3650 Power Monitoring library, allow real-time monitoring and analysis of critical equipment, such as pumps and motors, by capturing instantaneous current and voltage values in microsecond resolution, potentially preventing potential damage to expensive plant and equipment.

As well as providing detailed information about the electrical supply, such as voltage, current, power, cos φ and harmonics, Beckhoff has developed the “Power Quality Factor” (PQF) which allows users to assess the voltage quality based on a single number without first having to analyse frequency, voltage, THD/harmonics and symmetry individually.

Beckhoff’s SCT current transformers make it possible to implement reliable power sensor technology directly in the field with an extremely broad-based portfolio, ranging from low-cost 3-phase CT sets for building technology to standard industrial transformers for plant and equipment. With ring-type CTs predestined for cost-effective and accurate data acquisition in new installations, split-core CTs provide the ideal solution for trouble-free retrofit solutions due to their easy installation.

With the EK9160 Bus Coupler, Beckhoff’s energy measurement I/O terminals can be linked directly to the IoT as a stand-alone system without the need for a dedicated controller or control program. The IoT Coupler makes it possible to integrate energy and I/O data into cloud-based communication and data services easily and in a standardized manner. The respective cloud service and security functions such as authentication and encryption can also be easily configured via a standard web browser, without the need for any programming. Automatic local buffering protects data if the internet connection is interrupted and the time-stamped data is sent upon reconnection.