To meet increased demand for its Enertide cloud-based building management platform, the company says it is now looking to expand its Approved Partner network. Enertide welcomes interest from potential partners and third-party intermediaries (TPIs) throughout the UK.

Launched in the UK In 2021, the Enertide platform - which is powered by US technology Turntide, is a vendor agnostic cloud-based building management technology. Enertide enables secure, remote access of large and complex estates from a single app.

Enertide, is already installed at over 300 UK sites – and the same platform also provides building intelligence to several 1000 US buildings. The technology enables asset owners, managers, FMs and energy professionals to run their essential building services - including comfort, air flow, lighting - on ‘auto-pilot’. It is a completely open system and is designed to work with legacy systems and assets, regardless of the original manufacturer or vintage.

Commenting on the company’s plans to expand Enertide’s UK installed base, Gavin Holvey, who was recently appointed as Enertide product director, believes that now is the right time to grow the network of Approved Partners.

“I joined the company in late 2023 and have been astonished by the level of interest there is for this kind of solution. Having already delivered a large number of ‘demos’ to end users, consultants and specifiers, it’s clear they see Enertide as a solution to many of the problems face by their customers. It seems that the market conditions – a heady combination of ESG challenges, Net Zero ambitions and volatile energy costs – are forcing firms to look for new ways to ‘take control’ of their building.”