enLight is the latest company to come on board at the Smart Buildings Show, which will be held at the Barbican on the 8-9 November.

enLight is a Smart FM platform provider focused on instrumenting both the inside and outside of buildings to provide the data and control FM professionals need to automate where possible, reduce the reliance on labour and make better decisions. Using our scalable and secure wireless mesh technology, lighting fixtures can become nodes on a network that spans across outside car parks and open spaces into plant rooms and communal office areas. Sensors and actuators can now be deployed at scale and at low cost, to monitor and control assets, the environment and space utilisation, because a connection to the IoT network is only the nearest light fitting away.
Gary Atkinson, CEO, commented, “Smart FM is on the verge of becoming a reality where independent building control systems are opened up from their current silos and combined with additional environmental, asset health and space utilisation data to vastly reduce the cost and labour reliance for managing buildings and estates. It is refreshing to see a conference purely focused on the commercial buildings sector as this is where the biggest impact can be made."