EnOcean has added a new switch module supporting the EnOcean radio standard in 868 MHz to its product portfolio that is explicitly designed to enable wireless toggle switch devices. Like the PTM 21x family, the new PTM 202 module works battery-free, gaining its energy by the press of a button. PTM 202 is also built in the established original PTM form factor which makes it compatible with a wide range of single rocker switch designs. Common applications for the PTM 202 modules are toggle switches, central on/off switches as well as switch/actor bundles for retrofitting existing buildings.

Like all PTM modules from EnOcean, PTM 202 is powered by the electro-dynamic generator ECO 200 that is actuated by pushing one of the two sides of the top side to the end position of the module. This means that the module doesn’t need any batteries or wires to function, and that it operates completely maintenance-free. Moreover, wireless products that use the PTM 202 module can be placed anywhere in the room which makes them ideally suited for retrofitting existing buildings, hermetically sealed systems or locations that are generally difficult to reach.

Following on from the success of the PTM family, EnOcean is using the proven original PTM form factor – the international industry standard for wireless radio-based switches – for this new module. This allows PTM 202 to fit into all common single rocker switch designs.