"From Smart Buildings to Cognitive Buildings", is the guiding theme of the EnOcean Alliance Open House Event 2017 (24th April, IBM South Bank, London).

The organization is actively supporting the further development of EnOcean energy harvesting wireless standard for energy-efficient building solutions. Despite the growing demands on intelligent buildings, buildings are not build nor used as efficiently as they might, which is important considering we spend 90% of our time indoors, and operations account for 70% of a building's total cost over its life. Moreover, only 66% of commercial space is actually being used, and while buildings account for 42% of all energy use, up to 50% of that energy is wasted. To enhance the energy performance of buildings, the EnOcean Alliance arranges its third Open House Event, hosted by EnOcean Alliance promoter member IBM. The event includes an exhibition, an excellent range of speakers of experts in intelligent building solutions as well as a CPD course and enables members of the EnOcean Alliance and building professionals to learn more about solutions for smart and cognitive buildings on the EnOcean self-powered wireless standard IEC/ISO 14543-3-10.
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