The Smart Buildings Show taking place at ExCel, London, 18-19 October 2023, provides visitors with a gateway to the latest information and cutting-edge technologies in the smart building industry.

With massive growth predicted for the smart building market in the coming years, the show covers key aspects of creating and managing an intelligent building to help reduce operating costs, promote sustainability, strengthen building operations and management, and enhance security.

Booth A28 will host members of the EnOcean Alliance which comprises companies that market building control products leveraging the EnOcean wireless standard. Experts from companies including Eltako, HPE Aruba Networks, Prysmian, BACNet Interest Group Europe, EnOcean and EnOcean Edge will showcase their groundbreaking solutions focussed on improving smart homes, buildings, and spaces. The portfolio comprises diverse sensors for occupancy and presence detection, energy harvesting sensors for efficient building-control applications, ambient-light-level sensing, temperature sensing, and more, that let smart buildings respond to their surroundings and enable automation to optimise user comfort and business performance.

The EnOcean wireless standard is used in sensor solutions, as well as kinetic switches, gateways, and actuators, that are energy efficient, safe, and enhance the comfort of building occupants. They utilize standard sensor profiles, which simplifies new-product development and eases interoperability with other third-party equipment such as smart lights and smart heating controls. With energy harvesting built-in, the sensors are free from the constraints of powerlines and batteries, helping simplify installation, lower maintenance costs, and ease repositioning or adding new sensors when needed.

“It’s well known that smart buildings make an important contribution to sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions,” said Graham Martin, Chairman and CEO, EnOcean Alliance. “The Smart Building Show UK will highlight the latest innovations in automated systems, which could save as much as 12% of total global energy consumption and 10% of CO2. We will be taking our place at this important event, with our selected EnOcean Alliance partners, to show how we can help preserve the planet while ensuring comfort, convenience, and security in homes, offices, factories, and throughout our built environment.”

In addition, several member companies will present their cutting-edge solutions at their booths, including Beckhoff, Contemporary Controls, Delta Controls, Distech Controls, IA Connects/Mobius Flow, Pressac Communications, Reliable Controls, Sauter, Schneider Electric, and Siemens.