EnOcean announced new solutions for facilities management, lighting, environmental monitoring, and space occupancy, which are fully integrated with the Cisco DNA Spaces platform. In developing this solution with Cisco DNA Spaces, the industry’s leading location services platform, EnOcean will help customers scale indoor IoT solutions within Smart Spaces.

EnOcean is the pioneer of energy harvesting, a sustainable technology that uses movement, light or temperature differences to gather energy for operation of their self-powered wireless sensors and switches. These devices communicate in the open standards EnOcean, Bluetooth and Zigbee and are used for building automation, lighting solutions, industrial applications and a wide variety of IoT applications. In combination with Cisco DNA Spaces, these battery-free sensor solutions help to optimize the use of buildings, create new service models, realize Smart Spaces and new work concepts and make buildings more flexible, energy-efficient and overall, more cost-effective.

Cisco DNA Spaces is a powerful, end-to-end, indoor location services cloud platform that provides wireless customers with rich location-based services. The industry's most scalable location-based platform, Cisco DNA Spaces, is compatible across existing Cisco Aironet, Cisco Catalyst, and Cisco Meraki infrastructure, as well as select Cisco Collaboration endpoints, with flexible deployment options. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a variety of pre-integrated IoT end devices, available in the IoT Device Marketplace, allowing Cisco DNA Spaces to deliver a true out-of-the-box and end-to-end IoT experience to joint customers.

“We are very excited to be a part of the Cisco DNA Spaces ecosystem, providing flexible and easy-to-install wireless devices for a large number of IoT solutions in intelligent buildings. To realize Smart Spaces, it is not only important to have a flexible system that can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer, but also to make a sustainable impact on how a building is used. Our self-powered solutions fulfill both aspects and together with Cisco DNA Spaces, we are able to provide a holistic portfolio for our joint customers,” commented Troy Davis, EnOcean VP Sales North America.

The integration into Cisco DNA Spaces offers key benefits to the companies customers:

  • Unlimited battery life: Customers can build out solutions without the hassle of battery replacement.
  • Fully supported integration: EnOcean devices are now integrated with Cisco DNA Spaces and Cisco’s wireless technology stack.
  • First products to support smart buildings: The IoT Device Marketplace can now support building automation from Real Estate Development to Workspaces.

“Cisco DNA Spaces provides our customers fully integrated, industry-leading IoT Devices that are all managed in a single platform. EnOcean brings advanced technology that solves unique use cases, strengthening the Cisco DNA Spaces ecosystem. Their battery-free sensing technology both helps conserve energy while providing solutions in occupancy and more. Our customers can now utilize any EnOcean product in the IoT Device Marketplace with any of our partner applications in the App Center,” Lucas Hanson, sr. product manager Cisco DNA Spaces added.

  • Cisco DNA Spaces is the backbone that, combined with EnOcean, will enable Cisco customer’s success in IoT solutions including:
  • Occupancy: Detect movement or changes in light level with EMDCB’s built-in PIR sensor and illumination sensor.
  • Lighting Control: Leverage the EDRPB or ESRPB devices to quickly scale and deploy control systems for lightning within offices, schools, and hospitals.
  • Environmental Monitoring: With the EMSIB, customers can now automate temperature monitoring to understand their work environment, reduce energy consumption, and monitor spaces.