EnOcean says it is making a significant impact in the fight against climate change. Through its innovative energy harvesting wireless technology, EnOcean is saving over 1.4 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, preventing this harmful greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere. This achievement is made possible as EnOcean's technology is now connecting smart-building systems in more than one million premises worldwide.

In collaboration with SET Ventures, EnOcean has quantified the energy savings achieved by their devices, which result in an average reduction of approximately 15% in a building's energy consumption. Currently, EnOcean's products manage an impressive 221 million square meters of floorspace which equals around 74,000 football fields. As EnOcean continues to supply more sensors to the market, these annual savings are expected to grow even further.

"Reducing our energy demand is critical for transitioning to renewable sources and combating climate change. Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption, as reported by Forbes," emphasized Armin Anders, co-founder & VP Business Development at EnOcean. "Smart HVAC and power control are cost-effective measures that can significantly contribute to this cause. Products like ours, which allow us to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, represent quick and affordable wins compared to extensive infrastructure investments."

EnOcean's wireless building-automation products operate on the principle of energy harvesting, drawing power from their surroundings, such as motion, light, and temperature differences. This eliminates the need for batteries and power cords. EnOcean supports various wireless standards, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, and the optimized EnOcean radio protocol. The product range includes kinetic switches, self-powered sensors, gateways, actuators, configuration tools, and the SmartServer IoT edge device. These products seamlessly integrate into existing Wi-Fi access points from Aruba Networks, simplifying installations without requiring complex cabling or additional gateways.

The products communicate with heating, air conditioning, and lighting, monitor occupancy and people flow, and allow settings to be automatically adjusted for optimum user convenience while saving energy. Because of their battery-free and maintenance-free nature, they eliminate the necessity for regular servicing and battery replacements, ensuring continuous, reliable performance and contributing significantly to reducing electronic waste and operational disruptions. Furthermore, their easy installation stems from the wireless, self-powered nature of the devices, which mitigates the need for complex cabling and power source setups, allowing for straightforward, eco-friendly integration into any building infrastructure using a “Peel & Stick” approach.