Workplace platform provider Envoy has announced the open beta of its new product Envoy Protect, a mobile app and suite of tools that offers companies the ability to assess employee health, contact tracing, capacity management and eligibility to enter the workplace, access control within the workplace, and more.

Designed with input from hundreds of companies around the world, Envoy Protect helps companies protect the health and safety of employees as they reopen their facilities, ranging from offices to construction sites, factories to schools.

More than 2,000 companies have already signed up to participate in the beta.

The open beta will enable any company to sign up and begin using the product as it’s continuing to be developed. Envoy Protect’s updated suite of tools now includes:

  • Wellness checks: Invite and survey employees and visitors before they arrive at the workplace. Protect your workforce by only allowing healthy people on-site.
  • Employee registration: Manage and approve which employees can come to the office and on which days. Customize sign-in flows for teams.
  • Capacity management and analytics: Set and enforce a capacity limit for the office to prevent overcrowding. View analytics on office attendance across all locations worldwide.
  • Access control: Connect Envoy Protect to the access control tools that you use to enable only the necessary permissions for anyone in the office.

“The last few months have completely changed our work lives and workplaces. Even after we emerge from the crises of today, the way we work will never go back to the way it was before. But we know that there’s still value in and a need for working closely alongside your colleagues, and we’re here to make it safe for companies,” said Larry Gadea, founder/CEO of Envoy. “From the beginning, our mission has been to make workplaces work better for everyone in them, with thoughtful, well-designed products that put user experience first. Now more than ever, the office needs innovative systems that prioritize the experience and privacy of the people using them, and we’re ready to help more companies bring their teams back into the workplace.”