Following hundreds of conversations with customers worldwide, workplace platform provider Envoy has announced a new product, Envoy Protect, to help companies protect the health and safety of employees as they reopen their facilities - from offices to factories to construction sites to schools. The company has also secured $30M in new financing to provide technology that will shape the new workplace and tapped Dropbox's Philip Lacor as its first chief revenue officer.

“There’s no doubt our work lives will be forever changed by the pandemic. More people will have the option to continue working remotely, even as workplaces gradually reopen. The way we use and interact with our workspaces will change,” said Larry Gadea, founder/CEO of Envoy. “Employers are turning to us for help making their workplaces safe and healthy -- for the many people whose jobs depend on a physical workplace, and for those who simply prefer working in an office. We believe in the power of the workplace to help us connect with our colleagues, create boundaries between work and home, and accomplish some of our best work. Technology will play an important role in creating new systems to make a safe workplace possible. But these systems will only work if people use them -- and a great user experience and a privacy-first approach are essential to making that happen.”

Envoy Protect will be available for free to anyone using Envoy Visitors, including those on Envoy’s free tier. It includes:

  • Employee registration: Manage and approve which employees can come to the office and on which days.
  • Wellness checks: Invite and survey employees and visitors before they arrive at the workplace. Protect your workforce by only allowing healthy people on-site.
  • Touchless sign-in: Now employees and visitors can sign-in via Envoy Mobile without interacting with the iPad up front.
  • Capacity management: Set and enforce a capacity limit for the office to prevent overcrowding. Get analytics on office attendance across all your locations worldwide.