Evotech Technical Services has launched its myBEMS system that uses AI technology to harness data from building sensors, to automate commercial building HVAC systems and significantly cut running costs and carbon emissions.

Research shows that buildings account for around 40 percent of total energy use and 33 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. A typical HVAC system accounts for around 39 percent of a building’s total energy consumption and it’s estimated around 75 percent of buildings in the EU are energy inefficient.

With MEES regulations now in force requiring buildings to be made increasingly energy efficient over the coming years, soaring energy prices and the increasing demand for green buildings, reducing the running costs of commercial buildings has become a necessity.

Mark O’Grady, managing director at Evotech Technical Services says, “Energy efficiency measures that target HVAC can achieve major savings; by optimising a building’s HVAC system, we can significantly reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and improve the working environment, and in addition, the technology can be installed on a pay as you go basis, removing the need for large upfront costs, with Evotech’s myBEMS system paying for itself through monthly energy savings.”

myBEMS uses non-linear control techniques, processing real-time weather data and forecasts, along with sensor inputs from the building, such as occupancy, CO2, temperature, air quality data and humidity from sensors. Constantly analysing the data inputs using advance machine learning algorithms, it notices the subtlest of changes and adjusts the BMS and HVAC settings accordingly.