Companies and public buildings still operating during the coronavirus pandemic can now prevent people who are potentially infected with the virus from entering their premises, with the installation of remote, fever-detecting CCTV equipment.

Centurion Fire & Security Ltd, a security and CCTV system provider, has introduced a range of temperature screening thermal cameras, ideal for airports, retail spaces, hospitals, public places, commercial buildings and food production areas. Able to accurately sense thermal radiations, the CCTV cameras can measure body temperatures within 1 second of people entering a building.

Able to take up to 30 measurements simultaneously, the system does not create a lag or delay in footfall.

The automatic system detects body temperatures, with no contact required, and can alert staff to a potential carrier of Covid-19. This eliminates their potential to spread the virus and protects other members of staff.

A handheld body temperature scanner is also available. Centurion’s lead time is two weeks and the firm has already received multiple orders from a range of industries.

The technology has a number of key features, including an audio alarm, 3D DNR, AI human body detection to filter false alarms, deep-in-view face capture and coverage of up to 5m away, even if the subject is wearing a face mask.

David Armstrong, managing director of Centurion, said: “Whilst many businesses are closed during the pandemic, there are some industries which simply cannot close down or where staff can’t work from home. In these instances, it is vital that employees remain safe whilst at work. This technology is a preventative measure, helping to safeguard staff, which is of upmost importance. But it is also a long-term investment, because the technology will help to reduce the cost of staff absence.”