Smart Building Certification has awarded its first Gold certified office space. The founders of Smart Building Certification handed the first official gold certification over to Fosbury and Sons, occupants of Seven Building in Brussels, Belgium.

Smart Building Certification identified highest marks in Fosbury and Sons ability to manage and measure how the space is being used, a deep understanding in user behaviour and collaboration, strong internet services and connectivity, as well as integrative design & decision making processes. These marks earned them a gold certification and are very much a reflection of what a smart co-working space can and should do to better meet its users needs.

Eveline Rigouts - COO Fosbury & Sons, commented, “The Smart Building Certificate is an important recognition for our building. We are very happy to be situated in a building that is using smart technologies to optimize emissions and to improve building performance. Fosbury & Sons is always striving to create a place where people love to come every day and smart technologies deliver an important contribution to this mission. We and our members also see it as a real advantage to work in an environmentally friendly building."