Smart Building Certification, the organization behind the smart accreditation, has awarded its first platinum building. The founders of Smart Building Certification handed the first official platinum certification over to Coen van Oostrom, Founder and CEO of EDGE.

EDGE Olympic Amsterdam has been called the smartest building in the world since its launch in 2018. It surpassed its predecessor The Edge also built by EDGE, formally OVG Real Estate. The building combines technology for building utilization, operations, environment, and sustainability with many touch points for its building’s occupants. EDGE scored especially high in building environment and building performance (sustainability) technologies, two areas EDGE has been known to excel in. The platinum certification also puts EDGE in the running to officially be named the Smartest Building in the World.

“After developing The Edge in 2014 we set out to further optimize the technology used to create a foundation for a next generation of sustainable and healthy buildings. EDGE Olympic is the first model of this new generation and we are pleased to receive the first Platinum Certification for this office. It proves that our industry is taking the role of buildings in our lives more and more serious,” commented, Coen van Oostrom, EDGE

The EDGE Olympic also has a ‘digital twin’, a copy of the entire building and its use in digital form. A collaboration with Microsoft has enabled a digital twin integration into the certification platform.

“Certifying a smart building creates an essential baseline against which you can measure the benefits of your investment in ‘smart buildings’ technology. Furthermore, by working together with technology companies, construction companies, building developers, owners and tenants can better appreciate the ‘art of the possible’, identifying appropriate solutions and influencing the application of new digital technologies to ‘own’ the future of their industry,” said, David, J. Williams, Microsoft.