Flusso has announced a range of ‘plug and play’ gas flow sensor electronics (FSE) modules to help companies more easily and quickly integrate flow and temperature measurement features into their new product designs.

The four new modules are based on two of Flusso’s existing gas flow sensor product lines: the FLS122, launched last year as the world’s smallest air velocity sensor with a footprint of 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm, and the FLS11X series of gas flow and differential pressure (DP) sensors. Both sensor families use a unique configuration of four temperature sensing elements on a CMOS MEMS die to offer accurate real-time flow and temperature measurements.

The new modules provide a digital numerical output via I2C for easy system integration and communication within new or existing product designs.

Andrea De Luca, CEO at Flusso said: “Flusso is introducing its new gas flow sensor electronics modules to help companies cut their development timescales and costs when adding flow measurement features into products. It means they can focus on finding the best location to integrate flow and temperature measurements within their designs, knowing that the sensor electronics have already been taken care of and are fully optimised.”