Flusso – a new fabless semiconductor company – has signed a joint development partnership with Pelion, the connected device service provider, that will help companies accelerate the development and roll-out of connected flow sensing products and systems based on Flusso’s innovative FLS110 flow sensor.

The FLS110 was launched in October 2020. It has a footprint of just 3.5 x 3.5 mm, and is part of a complete digital flow sensing solution aimed at high-volume consumer, industrial and other cost-sensitive applications.

As a result of this new partnership, Flusso’s customers will be able to focus on integrating flow measurement and other value-added features into their latest IoT products, while fast-tracking their connectivity requirements using Pelion’s flexible IoT connected device platform. By offering a unique combination of IoT connectivity and device management, Pelion provides everything needed to securely connect and manage IoT devices.

Target markets for connected products featuring flow measurement and real-time monitoring include smart buildings and cities, consumer appliances, home healthcare and industrial.

“Flusso’s flexible and more cost-effective approach to flow sensing, coupled with Pelion’s IoT technologies and platform, will provide companies with everything they need to incorporate accurate flow measurement into their latest connected products. It will help manufacturers to significantly reduce their development costs, risks and timescales, while also ensuring their IoT products are on a solid and secure foundation for market launch and scale-up,” said Dave Weidner, chief market development officer at Pelion.