In a recent webinar, essensys were joined by WiredScore to discuss how smart buildings are shaping the future of office space. The conversation explored the definition of a smart building, its significance, and the role of technology in transforming traditional spaces into intelligent, user-centric environments.

Key topics discussed, included:

Definition of a smart building - Will Brouwer, WiredScore, explained that a smart building revolves around the building’s impact on sustainability, operations, performance, and user experience.

Why smart buildings are important - James Shannon, essensys, highlighted three key areas that define a smart building – automation, experience, and intelligence – and the panel discussed their importance in optimizing a building’s performance. In summary, smart buildings:

  • Play a pivotal role in attracting people back to offices, creating spaces that are digitally enabled, automated, and user-friendly.
  • Have a great impact on leasing velocity and rental premiums. Will cited examples, such as 17XM in Washington DC, where the integration of digital technology significantly increased leasing velocity compared to competitors.

Tackling cybersecurity

 - The panel also emphasized the need for robust policies and governance at both corporate and asset levels. It was agreed that the industry is navigating a cybersecurity minefield, and continuous efforts are required to stay ahead.

SmartScore certification and essensys partnership - Will provided insights into the SmartScore certification process, explaining that it involves engaging with WiredScore, going through smart building use cases, and assessing their applicability to a specific building. essensys, as an accredited solution partner, helps streamline the journey for building owners improving their SmartScore certification.

Sticking to a “smart” definition - James highlighted the opportunity for Class B buildings to leverage technology and elevate themselves, with SmartScore serving as a benchmark for defining smart buildings. The speakers emphasized the importance of standardized definitions and metrics in an industry where interpretations of “smart” can vary widely.

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