People in emerging market cities are increasingly embracing Smart Technology solutions according to a new report from the Future Foundation.

An overwhelming majority of consumers questioned in the report Connecting Cities: Mobility Unlocking Potential in Emerging Markets commissioned by MasterCard disclosed they were willing to share their data in exchange for better and more personalised transport networks and local services.

The report found that more than four-fifths of those questioned (81 percent) in Brazil, China, India and Singapore expressed support for a service that monitors their travel route and advises them suitable alternative travel operations when required. In India, the figure was as high as 90 percent.

“Efficient transport networks are crucial for inclusive and sustainable economic growth,” said Hany Fam, President, MasterCard, Enterprise Partnerships. “The findings of this report should encourage cities and transit operators across emerging markets to unlock the power of data when developing new services.”

Over half of consumers would be prepared to share their user data to improve urban mobility in their city. Fifty-nine percent of Chinese residents consented to give their information if it meant better services while 53 percent of people in India agreed with the notion.

Less than one in seven polled in the report (14 percent) were opposed to sharing their behavioural data in any circumstances.

Connecting Cities also revealed the rapid growth of the use of travel apps in emerging markets. Thirty seven percent of people in India used smartphone travel apps at least once a month compared with 34 percent of Chinese.