The MultiGigabit market will continue to grow, with an Omdia report reporting that 25 US operators offered MultiGigabit speeds in 2022 and similarly the Fiber Broadband Association predicted that by 2030 the downstream and upstream data rates inside the home will grow to 2 Gbps. The new InCoax A251 NTE platform delivers 2.5 Gbps symmetrical data rates, can be self-installed by the customer and auto-configures at start-up.

“With the InCoax MoCA Access TM 2.5 portfolio of products, we want to support operators targeting to gain market share in the competitive MultiGigabit market,” said Alf Eriksson, chief product and portfolio officer at InCoax Networks. “The A251 modem will be an important complement to our existing portfolio of NTE for Europe and North America. 2.5 Gigabit symmetrical broadband performance over existing property coaxial infrastructure to a single user, will cover consumer market demand for years to come and constitute a fast-to-install and cost-effective alternative to full-fiber solutions.”

The A251 is available in 15 versions supporting five different MoCA Access bands, capable of co-existence with legacy TV services and the Extended Range versions. The A251 NTE is a type of modem that connects the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to the operator’s network.

The InCoax technology is based on MoCA Access TM 2.5, and is high performance, future proof, reliable and cost-effective Fiber Access and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Extension technology for brownfield Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). InCoax helps to reduce installation time, increases take-up rate, and allows service providers to realize MultiGigabit symmetrical broadband speeds over existing property coaxial infrastructure.