Pressac says that its smart gateway now complies with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines and can be used in the US.

“We’re delighted our gateway has now been approved for use in the US, allowing us to help even more organisations better understand the way their buildings work,” says Robert Smith, Pressac’s technical director. “Our compliance with EU regulations also means that companies across the globe know they are using a high-quality product that meets rigorous industry standards.”

This year, Pressac also responded to two additional key market needs. First, it expanded its occupancy sensor range to aid the safe return to workplaces. Second, it’s now approved by the three leading IoT platforms: IBM Watson, AWS loT, and Microsoft Azure Core, enabling businesses to get data from the cloud to any application.

“Pressac’s sensors have long been used for effective workspaces and energy monitoring, helping organisations see real-time continuous data,” adds Robert Smith, Technical Director. “By making these simple adaptations, we can help businesses manage their safe return to work, with simple and discreet solutions that will take them through COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.”

"These benefits, along with our commitment to delivering scalable, cost-effective, and compliant solutions, have established Pressac as a top smart sensor manufacturer in the UK, now with the added benefit of US approval."