Carlo Gavazzi has introduced a powerful bus generator as well as output modules, meter and dimmer. The company says that the new products are suited to applications where cabling could be a problem and meets all the demands of intelligent buildings and homes.

The SH2WBU230N makes ease of operating up to a distance of 700m. Each Sx2WEB24 can connect to up to 7 master channel generators (the sum of SH2MCG24, SH2DUG24 and SH2WBU230N is 7) in order to have up to 7 wired/wireless networks connected.

The wireless energy meter SHJWEM16Axxx has a direct current measurement up to 16 Amp and also transmits up to 700m reading single phase variables such as A, V, W, Wdmd, VA, var, PF as well as measuring total kWh.

Dimming applications are handled by the universal wireless dimmer SHJWD200WEXXX which is suitable for dimming resistive, inductive and capacitive loads and LED lor RLC lamps up to 200W. The dimmer automatically detects if the connected load is resistive, capacitive or inductive and the technology used enables to electrically protect the dimmer against short circuit, overload and over-temperature. The SHJWD200WExLS230 version integrates two programmable capacitive push-buttons (K1, K2) and can be mounted into the BTicino frames Luna, Light, Living to substitute’s traditional switches.

All products use the Carlo Gavazzi protocol WiDup which is based on the standard IEEE 802.15.4 at 2.4 GHz and and easily programmed using the free software tool.