Glide Group has announced the launch of its Glide Labs product suite, providing customers with the ability to gain access to real-time data and seamlessly manage properties through its bespoke range of Energy Management Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies.

There are currently 7 billion IoT-connected devices worldwide. However, with digital demand only expected to grow, this number is expected to increase exponentially over the next few years, and forecasts suggest that by 2030, the number of IoT-connected devices will reach over 25 billion.

For property managers, this continued innovation into IoT technology allows for a more streamlined operation, with automated and highly accurate processes significantly reducing the amount of time spent manually completing tasks.

Providing this level of operational efficiency to its customers, Glide Labs integrates the organisation’s expanding fibre infrastructure and growing fibre cities campaigns with its current IoT portfolio of 5 technologies:

Sub-metering & energy analytics - identify and reduce energy waste in real-time, and automate energy-saving interventions

Footfall & people counting analytics - monitor occupancy levels to identify trends and leverage insights for future planning

Environmental condition monitoring - track temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, TVOC, noise and motion to make smarter environmental decisions

Water leak management - monitor leaks to prevent damage and perform necessary maintenance

Legionella risk assessment - Remove the need for manual temperature recording and ensure water systems remain legionella-free

Nazif Jahanzeb, IoT product manager at Glide Group, said: “Glide Labs enables us to support clients’ focus on the environment and building efficiency. Our solution offers full transparency for usage and waste to empower our clients and their residents with efficient building management.

“As we rollout this solution into the Build to Rent and Flexible workspace vertices, we can now support our clients with growing demands for data-driven action to better developments and their goals for Net Zero or ESG ratings.”