It can be a challenge to find an ideal electronic lock for every opening, and then to manage them all within a single, integrated solution. All too often, security procurement involves difficult compromises: A system which works perfectly for one door or department leaves another where the same solution doesn’t quite meet its needs.

At newly built commercial premises in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, power-tool manufacturer Makita stocks and distributes batteries, and runs wholesale supply logistics. They searched for a single, intuitive system to control every access point — now and in the future.

Yet, as at many other sensitive commercial sites, not every door or opening is the same. Makita needed an access control solution with a comprehensive range of devices — to secure escape doors, entrances, interior doors and more.

“The diversity of access control devices available for the Incedo system was a decisive factor,” says Makita’s Richard Cimerman.

Diverse doors and devices managed from a single system

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions’ Incedo platform connects security software and hardware within a single, seamless ecosystem. The range of Incedo-enabled devices and award-winning door hardware convinced Makita — for this site and for future premises and refurbishments around Slovakia.

The new Banská Bystrica facility now has an Incedo system controlling access through main entrances, fire doors and emergency exit doors, as well as interior doors fitted with Aperio wireless electronic escutcheons. User-friendly Incedo Business software manages and monitors everything together from a single control panel. It filters and restricts employee and visitor access to specific areas of the plant.

The modular, platform-based Incedo solution incorporates wired and wireless door locking devices from across the ASSA ABLOY range; card, token and secure mobile key credentials that can be used interchangeably; and a growing range of third-party security solutions. Should Makita upgrade to Incedo Plus management in the future, their own system could manage CCTV and alarms alongside access and door entry.

When security demands change at Makita Banská Bystrica, their Incedo system can adapt. With Incedo software, Makita can switch between local and Cloud managed solutions whenever they choose. System size is scalable up or down, anytime and on demand, as security needs or space usage change.

Makita Slovakia now has a totally flexible, futureproof Incedo access solution designed to grow with their business.

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