Gooee has signed a partnership agreement with Leedarson, the OEM/ODM contract manufacturer for lighting solutions.

The alliance will enable both parties to share knowledge and expertise in smart lighting technology, and develop the smart hardware needed for the world’s first ‘full-stack’ ecosystem to connect lighting OEMs to the IoT.
Eder Lee, general manager at Leedarson says: “We are excited to be working alongside Gooee in the development of connected lighting, especially as this is an area in which we are specialising in terms of research and manufacturing. To progress and succeed in this new generation of communication, we agree that working together and sharing knowledge and skills are essential.”
Jan Kemeling, chief commercial officer at Gooee, adds: “Gooee and Leedarson are each bringing their unique strengths to this collaboration that will enable us to develop the quality components and products required for our designs. Our partnership enables us to share knowledge and expertise in both LED and IoT technology that will lead to mutually advantageous opportunities and reach our end goal to making commercial buildings and homes smarter, greener and more energy efficient."