Interlight will be showing its new Gooee powered luminaires at Building Holland this year.

Gooee has developed an IoT Building Intelligence Platform that can store, connect, analyse and visualise all data coming from sensors and systems installed in a building, giving building owners an exhaustive and holistic view of their building. By installing an Interlight luminaire with Gooee sensing technology into a building and connecting it to the Gooee portal, building owners can combine it with a wealth of additional data including light levels, occupancy, and power consumption. Because the sensors are integrated into the luminaires, there is no need to install additional (battery) powered sensors in the building, significantly reducing the operational and upfront cost associated with a smart building.

Interlight has been a pioneer in applying Gooee technology within the Benelux. It was the second company in the world to become a Gooee platinum partner and the first to launch a Gooee enabled building in the Benelux. Now Interlight is again showing its leadership as a Gooee partner launching a range of Gooee powered luminaires at Building Holland 2019.

“We have been working with Gooee for a long time” states Casper Vulling, owner of Interlight. “From the beginning we have been believers in their vision and strategy. The level of ambition they have showed and the investments they have made to make it happen are truly astonishing. It is really great to now see all this work coming together.”

“We are very excited that Interlight is embracing Gooee technology in their new luminaire range”, says Neil Salt, MD & Co-founder of Gooee. “Interlight has been with us from the beginning and has proven to be one of our most forward-thinking partners. To now see our partnership resulting in a full line up of Gooee powered luminaires is very exciting.”