Gooee has secured a US$8 million funding deal with the high-tech focused Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

The financing will be used to support the continued development of the Gooee platform, which is estimated to launch at the beginning of 2017.
Gooee provides a full suite of hardware and software components that lighting companies can integrate into their own products and connect them to the Gooee Cloud. To date over 30 lighting businesses, including Feilo Sylvania, Aurora Lighting and Gerard Lighting, have signed partnership deals with Gooee.
Connecting to the Gooee Cloud enables lighting companies to offer their customers competitive, cloud-based services – such as Lighting Control, Energy Management, LED Analytics and Beacon Management – across a multitude of vertical markets and through a scalable, service-oriented business model.
Simon Coombes, chief technology officer at Gooee, said: “SVB shares the vision that bringing LED lighting into the IoT space will open the next wave of opportunities across the value chain. This funding deal with SVB allows us to finalize preparations for Gooee’s ecosystem through to its launch.”