Haltian has announced the launch of Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution (HITS), a new asset tracking system that is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage and oversee their assets and inventory.

Haltian’s new solution introduces innovations to provide accurate, real-time location data for assets across various sectors, including warehouses, manufacturing and logistics facilities, data centers, and hospitals. Setting it apart from conventional tracking systems, Haltian's solution is scalable, cost-effective, and easy to use, making it particularly lucrative to large companies with millions of assets and thousands of operational sites.

The tracking system operates by attaching a small tag to items, devices, and other assets. The Haltian NANO Tag, the world’s smallest smart asset tag, comparable in size to a piece of chewing gum, provides detailed information regarding the asset and its exact location within a range of 1–5 meters. Subsequently, this data is transmitted to Haltian’s advanced software, allowing businesses to monitor asset movements in real time, maintain constant awareness of critical merchandise locations, and effortlessly conduct automated inventory management without manual intervention. The solution can be scaled up to accommodate millions of assets and it utilizes a self-healing, reliable, and secure Wirepas Mesh network. The system can be compatible with any tag with Wirepas connectivity.

Additionally, the solution is highly cost-effective. It uses Haltian’s innovative energy harvesting (EH) locator, enabling fast wireless installation with up to 90% savings in installation costs, and initial investments a mere quarter of those demanded by alternative tracking technologies.

“Our new asset tracking solution isn’t just tech – it’s a ticket to better efficiency, transparency, and even improved patient care. We urgently need improvements to medical resources. Digital solutions can play an important role in reducing the workload and making operations more efficient. In hospitals, for example, our tags can be attached to hospital beds, wheelchairs, and medical equipment, making it easy to find them and thus improve the quality of care and patient safety. Moreover, with our asset tracking system, hospitals can keep track of the maintenance cycle of their assets, which in turn increases their lifetime and reduces costs. Our asset tracking system is also highly customizable, ensuring that our customers can adjust the system to fit their company and sector-specific needs perfectly,” explains Haltian’s CEO and co-founder Pasi Leipälä.

“What is striking about Haltian is the excellence of their engineering teams which enables them to deliver a wide variety of use cases using a unified technology platform. I am confident that Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution will be a game changer, and one of the highest performance, lower cost systems for enterprise asset tracking and logistics,” says Youssef Kamel, SVP of Smart Tracking and Smart Building Business, at Wirepas.

Haltian’s solution has already been pilot-tested by several major international corporations from various industries, each operating numerous sites across multiple countries and regions. The resounding feedback from these trials has been overwhelmingly positive, solidly affirming the universal demand for such pioneering solutions. Demand for indoor location services is growing rapidly and the market size is forecasted to reach a staggering $30 billion by 2028 compared to $10.9 billion in 2023 (MarketsandMarkets 2023).