Haltian has announced the launch of Empathic Buildings for Offices, a new smart office solution for hybrid workplaces.

Designed to answer the changing needs of modern work life, Empathic Building is the central element in creating a seamless office and hybrid work experience by helping people to adapt to new working policies, while making facility operations smooth.

Empathic Buildings for Offices is the central element in enabling desk sharing for employees and is the most intuitive and easy-to-use software for mass deployment on the market.

"We're thrilled to introduce Empathic Buildings for Offices, the number one people-centric technology for the Future-of-Work," said Pasi Leipälä, CEO of Haltian. "To address the challenges brought by hybrid work practices and low office utilization rates, companies are now looking to optimize their use of the space while maximizing people's experience in the office. Empathic Building helps achieve both through real-time data and user-centric technology.”

The major features of the new Empathic Buildings for Offices include seamless and fast desk and room booking, search and navigation, as well as workspace usage analytics. The software allows employees to plan and communicate their workweek plans easily, resulting in more social interaction and easier collaboration during work from the office. While collaborative in nature, the platform is a fully GDPR-compliant, privacy-first solution where people and organizations have full control over their personal data.

On top, the solution is easy to integrate with any other existing workplace system. The new software offers a wide selection user interface design and branding opportunities for clients. Emphatic Buildings for Offices also delivers analytics and data on office space use for workplace operations professionals, making any space-related decisions faster to validate and implement. 

“With Emphatic Buildings for Offices, companies can create a truly caring workplace, where people love to be, while making it cost-effective and sustainable”, says Leipälä. “We believe investing in employee experience is key to creating value through higher engagement and productivity. With Empathic Building for Offices, companies can now offer double the employee experience in spaces that are just the right size for them."